Governments Are About To Over React And Triple Down On Insanity

Now the media is pumping monkeypox.

I truly hope people aren't this stupid as to take the bait. 

Recall that fictitious planning was done in the previous post where the authors conclude governments should apply a 'no regrets' approach.

You're about to see it in action.

It's coming by way of using the smallpox vaccine (which was dangerous even when it was heralded and first used in the 20th century) to be used to fight monkeypox.

The smallpox vaccine led to more deaths and cases. They don't tell you that. They just tell you 'safe and effective. See, most of these diseases recede naturally on their own. And when they're below the baseline and petered out, that's when they give the vaccine. To 'prevent' more outbreaks. And then declare victory. 

Know the scam.

It's classic snake's oil salesmanship. 

It's absolutely brilliant. 

Psychotic. But genius how they've pulled it off.

Pharma companies no longer have scientists as CEOs like they used to. They have SALESPEOPLE.

Know the game.

Can't you see they're denying approval of helpful medicines but giving the ok to vaccines left, right and centre despite the obvious lack of data and possibly even fraudulent data? Can't you see the revolving door politics? That it's Ottawa and Washington who have taken over public health? This is what we call medical tyranny. And there is no shortage of corrupt and criminal scientists willing to play for a price. Pay close attention the next time you see FDA or CDC officials resign and see where they end up. Usually with a comfortable job with a pharmaceutical company. The conflict of interests is staring right at you. 

I'm sure a similar pattern happens in Canada except we don't notice. Maybe we should. 

As it stands. we're seeing more cases of Covid because of the vaccine. We're not seeing very good evidence it does prevent infection or hospitalizations or death. 

The same is about to happen with monkeypox.

I'm not an expert. I'm just an observer sitting on top of the mountain following the flow. I caught the wave having done my historic research. 

This is what the pattern shows.

Follow. The. Money. And always ask: Cui bono? Always.

We'll see.

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