Justin Continues His Reign Of Terror: Now Takes Dead Aim At Hand Guns

 “There is no reason Canadians need handguns in their everyday lives”

Once again Justin is being the usual presumptive piece of shit tyrant that he is.

No good reason?

Sports shooting is the #1 sport in Canada.

How about that Justin you asshole.



In case you didn't notice, Justin you worthless son of a bitch, the Texas massacre that you're cynically capitalizing on (because you're an immoral piece of shit totalitarian and I hope your sons read this one day) happened because LAW ENFORCEMENT failed. 

Worst, not only did they fail in their duty to confront, they refused to go in and allow parents or others who were willing to do so to save lives!

I have ZERO trust in the medical, legal and law enforcement system in Canada after what I've witnessed these past two years.


Without protection as the last line of defence people die and that's due to the policies of anti-gun politicians. But you have protection right you fucking asshole?

The Trudeau family is the worst thing to ever happen to Canada.

This Liberal/NDP alliance is going to be the destruction of Canada.



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