Send In The Clowns

Starring Boguch, Njoo and Boileau. 

Anyone. And I mean anyone who listens to these quacks is a fool. A fool.

I don't know what Boguch said and don't give a rat's ass. I've had enough of his arrogant musings after two years. That he's a committed Zero-Covidian who supports passports and lockdowns is enough for me to outright ignore him whenever I see his mug playing TV dinner expert.

Tam flunky Dr. Njoo (a flunky serving a flunky. Together they form the Monkeyflunky duo) said in an interview the government will take a 'targeted' approach with monkeypox. 

Golly gee. What does he mean by 'targeted'?

By recommending, get this, masks and social distancing across the country. Even though there are only 25 cases in Quebec. Canada is a pretty damn big country. But they want to 'get ahead of a slow-moving static disease that can easily be traced and stopped  I read comments from people saying the government needs to step in and do this. Once again revealing the utter ignorance of the average Canadian.

With diseases like monkeypox, you can apply the traditional methods of contact tracing and quarantining because it moves, as mentioned, slowly. You don't need all this bull shit theatre of masks and social distancing. 

Alas, it's what the circus and clowns demand.

Oh. He also said something very interesting. Moneypox didn't come by way of travel but they're unsure how it did. That to me is strange. Apparently, they traced it back to a gay bathhouse in Montreal. But let's not stigmatize! You can only do that with truckers, anti-maskers and the unvaccinated. Them you can ruin their lives.

I don't know how accurate the claim it's the mRNA shot but who knows at this point?

As if this wasn't enough, Quebec then says it will use the smallpox vaccine for it. 

This place. This place turned out to be the most ridiculous and absurd of countries.

Absolutely brutally shocking how idiotic we are.

For those of you consoling yourself that at some point they will all face justice (and I hold out some glimmer of hope they will) and/or get elected out of office, I'm not so sure anymore. In Quebec, forget it. Legault is going to win. Quebecers want to be governed harder. There's no ability to think critically here. For the love of God, you have mainstream low-information CJAD radio hosts shilling for....Jean Charest as leader of the conservative party. A known corrupted has-been. Yeh, that's the answer.

I'm seeing a troubling trend. In the UK, a couple of key elections saw Labour come in and in Australia, Morrison lost but again, Labour was voted in. Labour is NOT the direction you want to go in. And in the USA, it appears the DNC will pull further left if a couple of those primary results I saw are any indication. Even Trump's endorsements hit a bit of a wall. 

Of course, here in Canada, we're being held hostage by a cockwomble with mental illness as the Liberal/NDP (both minority parties led by two WEF stooges) joined at the hip in an anti-democratic coalition. 

May you live in interesting times.


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