Shallow Compassion

If there's one vice those what we term as being on the left possess is shallow and excessive compassion. 

Not a day goes by where they claim to care about this, that or another group or cause.

In that confusing mix of false virtue comes projection. 

There's a difference between compassion and empathy.  Too much compassion can drain one of their clarity and accept violence as a proper response to a perceived threat. Violence need not be physical. It can be psychological. For example, the vaccine mandates are a form of extortion and threats.

It's accepted because there's a perceived threat and people are irrationally fearful. It matters little if these actions result in the desired result. What matters is something was done and one of its features is compassion.

But we know the restrictions failed. And we know parents failed their kids. I've heard one too many of them allow their kids to decide for themselves to wear a mask. If you still think masks do something, I do question your intelligence. In addition to being unacceptably lazy. If you're just offloading your responsibilities to 'experts', then you're a failure incapable of critical thought at this point. Now we know who the real anti-human, anti-science and anti-logic people are. There is NO justification for continuing to peddle masks. None. 

Despite everything, with all the outrageous over-the-top restrictions, not only does Covid remain (as we knew it would) but it's even potentially morphing into something worse. And that has a lot to do with our response to it. More rooted in arrogance than humility. we're only daring the virus to mutate into stronger forms. I've seen people complain 'it's not fair' this 'far into the game' that they're 'getting sick' despite 'following all the rules'.

THAT'S the problem. The 'experts' led you down a Primerose path. Do this and it will all end in unicorns. 

Some of us never bought the bit but many did. A majority in fact.

To people like this, it's a 'game' with an expected result when in fact, there never was going to be a winner. The response was going to determine how many losers there would be.

And now we have many losers. 

The expert and political classes are the biggest losers. They  lost all credibility. They're on par with any quack protected by a host of corrupted governing bodies and agencies. Their actions led to the ruination of millions. They claim to have saved lives but ignore how many they destroyed. 

A good example of the far left irrational brigade that falls into this category is Elizabeth Warren. In her unhinged tirade about the SCOTUS leak, she worried about the poor. This from someone who supported lockdowns that disproportionately hurt the poor. She couldn't care less about them. Liberals tend to be hypocrites when it comes to the wording class.

We've seen 'philosophers' on Twitter opine if it's ok to kill justices (and not get banned(,  I've heard progressive hosts on Sirius still making fun of Rand Paul getting beaten up, while they continue to doxx people in an effort not to peacefully protest but to destroy as we're seeing with the Supreme Court Justice (to which the White House irresponsibly and stupidly support). One case here we had the epidemiologist grifting hack David Fisman dox Dr. Bridle's parents. 

They're also incoherent in their messaging. Ideologues with no inner core values tend to do that. Minister of Families Karina Gould said Americans are welcomed to come and get abortions in Canada. The statement coming from a person who runs a portfolio for families points to the ironic shallowness of it all. However, to any thinking person, the question became: Does it extend to unvaccinated women as well?

The Liberals, being a cruel and vindictive bunch, refuse to answer the question.

On full display, aside from the further erosion of any proper conceptualization of a free, pluralist and democratic society governed by common bonds and values. is the collapse of a society capable of empathy.

Without it, compassion has no guard rails.

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