Daily Derp: Monkey Derp

 Just some quick monkey business takes.

Remember. It's pronounced Moneypox. The 'k' is silent. Hat tip to the person who came up with this.

The message will be along the lines of: We don't want to scare but we're gonna scare you with this mild disease.

Already the WHO's regional director for Europe is playing the 'large gatherings can amplify the disease' game. Right out of the Covid playbook.

These people are MANIACS.


Promises are meant to be broken.

They promised you it would work. Never forget.

They either were too excited in a panic or they lied.

As for Tony Fauci - he's an incompetent narcissistic liar. And his wife a grotesque monster.


All planned

How else to see this?

They are criminals. 


Smallpox vaccine is a bad idea.

But 4 in 5 corrupt doctors say, 'They're great!'


Very strange stuff with the pox and mRNA.

Know the game.

Don't be played.

Passports, masks and lockdowns they want.


Stand strong, firm and FEARLESS. 


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