Justice Canadian Style

So. A judge in the U.S. has allowed Brook Jackson's case - the Ventavia whistleblower - to move to discovery after Pfizer's attempt to stop it. This is possibly the most important case against Pfizer - and by extension the mRNA injection campaign - in the world as it could prove fraud and possibly end the 'vaccine' experiment. That's justice working. 

Meanwhile in Canada: 

"Wagner characterized the convoy protests as a “circumstance that could undermine our principles such as judicial independence, the rule of law, institutions.” He said the protests included people of “good faith” but also others who were “remotely guided” with “misunderstanding” and “a certain ignorance” of the rule of law, and who were seeking to bypass the political “system.” 

This is the CHIEF JUSTICE of the Supreme Court of Canada acting like an activist judge and talking utter, unsubstantiated, gibberish. The RCMP and Fintrac didn't agree with the government. The banks have issued an apology for ludicrously freezing people's bank accounts. The Emergencies Act was an unjustified egregious abuse of power and Wagner appears to agree with it.

Wagner should resign. For the sake of the sanity and sanctity of our justice system badly tarnished. 


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