Canada Is An Empty Suit

You learn something new every day about Canada.

And none of it good.

The latest to come out of Old Dominion is Justice Minister David Lemetti saying Canadians "don't have a right to property."

Preposterous you say?

Just more Marxist gibberish from the Liberals you think?

Turns out, David has done his homework. We don't have that right unlike places like Australia and the United States. Attempts have been made to enshrine this Act of Parliament into the charter but they failed leaving Canadians vulnerable to a potential attack on private property rights. The issue was never revisited and Canadians possibly assumed it wasn't necessary likely naively presuming no Prime Minister would be so arrogant but that's the funny thing about tyranny, it sneaks up on ya.

Is it something to keep you up at night? Probably not. Property rights are only as strong as your latest tax payments. So it doesn't strand too far off this. Plus eminent domain can also encroach on property rights.


Fast forward a couple of decades and here we are. With a bunch of wannabe, second-rate totalitarian hacks in the Liberal party. Canada's 'natural governing party'.

The country never grew up into a mature democracy we're finding out more and more. 

Welcome to Canada where freedom of speech, expression and assembly are protected. mere platitudes. Welcome to Canada where the sanctity of private property fiercely embedded in Western philosophical thought is....stick a fork up your ass.

So. As the government gets its ass handed to it over the Emergencies Act, you'd think they'd back down, accept defeat and move on. Except, this would indicate a healthy and functional democracy.

Which Canada isn't at the moment.

The Liberals are looking to find ways to legitimize their tyranny. They really, really, really want to freeze bank accounts. It shouldn't surprise anyone that they seem to relish and salivate at the prospect of abusing property rights.

Totalitarians gonna totalitarian. And if you think no one is noticing, think twice. Canada is on several watch lists now.

I can't believe I just typed that but it's true. 

Unfortunately, so is the reality that

This. This is a country Canadians think is the best in the world?

More like a fraud to me.

Countries should keep in mind that whenever our leaders gallivant lecturing them about 'freedom and democracy'.

We're the biggest talkers on the planet. But in reality, it's a corrupted country that lacks conviction and principles. 

Synopsis from Quora:

"The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not (directly) protect property rights and most Canadians are very surprised to learn this. However firearms owners who have been the subject of legal changes requiring they turn their legally owned firearms in to the government and receive no compensation are well aware.[2]

The Canadian Bill of Rights protects the right to enjoyment of property and not to be deprived thereof (except, you know, by law). Sadly, this is not a constitutional document, is only an Act of Parliament, applies only at the Federal level, and - most importantly - can be over-ridden by other Parliamentary acts.

There have been previous attempts to add property rights to the Charter, but they were specifically excluded when the Charter was drafted and subsequent attempts to have them added have all met with failure.

The legal classifications of the CZ 858 and the Swiss Arms Classic Green were changed by the RCMP from restricted or non-restricted (based on their individual barrel lengths) which individuals may be licensed to own, into prohibited status, a class which no individual may be licensed for. There was to be no compensation for the thousands of law-abiding owners. Only the action of the Safety Minister[3] overturned the RCMP decision."

Exit Canada.

We never had liberty.

This is what we've learned these past two years.

The good news is we're now aware. Question is what will we do about it?

Will we continue to be clueless, apathetic obedient authoritarians swallowing what our government feeds us or will we grow up and stop taking for granted our rights and actually fight for them?


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