Tiresome Quebec Threats; Call The Bluff

With the majority of monkeypox inexplicably here in Quebec, Quebec has also found time to do what it does best. Erode civil liberties.

Quebec gonna Quebec.

I find it interesting no one is asking why Canada and Quebec are getting most of the monkeypox cases in the West. Given how Covid Criminal Inc. and their enablers have behaved these past two years, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out there's some, ahem, monkey business going on.

It's Canada and Quebec. Thoroughly corrupted places.

Recall, history buffs, Canada is a nation built on patronage and nepotism. Quebec is an extension of tis reality. 

It's an Old Boy's Network. A country club if you will.

That's all Canada is. It's not a bastion of liberty and democracy.

Did you see any of that in two years? Worse, with Bill 100 in Ontario and 28 in Quebec (and 21 and 96), there is NO democracy in Canada.

It's a deception.

Chief Justice Wagner (with the CBC acting like one of those enablers) just said the quiet parts out loud.

You're subjects. Nothing else.

And you will listen to your betters. With 'betters' being a really loose term because this batch of defective leaders isn't fit to work at a balloon stand.

Recently, the irrelevant Parti Quebec told Legault's CAQ that if he couldn't wrestle more immigration powers from Ottawa to 'threaten them with separation'.

The PQ has been relegated to third and fourth-party status. It appears most of their support went to the CAQ. The CAQ, in turn, has become the PQ in drag. Its leader is a former Pequiste.

A leopard doesn't change its spots and now we're about to see a really bad side of Quebec nationalism rear its ugly head once again.

The CAQ came to prominence promising to be a pro-business, right-of-centre party. I don't see it.

I see PQ 2.0.

None of their moves have made me say, "Yes. This is what's needed. The future is good.'

In fact, under Francois Legault, I finally realize what many, many of my friends and family who have left the province have said over the years. Quebec will never change and will never get better. 

I've come to the conclusion this is in fact correct. I see no future here. This is a Louisiana playground for a parochial mindset. Ir has an established outlook that is stale and not conducive to a forward-looking posture necessary in this world. So, my plans have been now set.

The PQ's threat should be met with a single response.



Quebec is not worth the hassle anymore.

The province takes more than it gives at this point.  What precisely does Quebec offer Canada that would justify constantly giving in to its demands through threats?

So next time the PQ says to separate, the rest of Canada should respond with a collective, 'Buh-bye'.

It may even be a blessing in disguise. Quebec garners a disproportionate amount of power at the Federal level and this must come at the expense of progress in other provinces. Without worrying to pander to Quebec's demands, this may free up energy that can be placed into strengthening other parts of the country.

I fully expect the dictatorial dullard Legault to play this game. His shenanigans with Bill 96 only reveal how ridiculously antiquated Quebec is when it comes to its fears of the English language.

At this rate Bazooka Joe threatens their language. As I've said many times before, if I'm French I'd be embarrassed that another language threatens you. Worse, these rules hurt French-Canadians more than it does us 'maudit anglais'. Countries spend billions ensuring their citizens learn English. We're the only place in the West that actively seeks to restrain or even outlaw it.

This is forward-looking?

This will only keep Quebec further adrift from a fast-moving world that conducts itself in English.



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