There Will Be More Tests

They told you that's what they plan or at least hope for.

They're priming you. Do you see?

Take this booster or we will mandate it.


The government is LYING to you.

Do your own research. Don't fall prey to the propaganda of 'disinformation'. There are plenty of legitimate resources and sources out there warning about these dangerous and ineffective mRNA shots.

If you take the 4th shot. Congrats. You're on their treatment plan. It's no longer a vaccine.

For the rest of you, wake up.

Smell that coffee. 

Say no to the app. To passports. To mandates. TAKE YOUR MEDICAL AUTONOMY BACK.

This fall there will be another test. Masks and boosters will star in this tragedy.

Don't fail this time.

Come armed with courage and knowledge.

They will back down. 


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