You Don't Understand; You Have More Power Than You Think

 I dont't think people appreciate that when faced with tyranny, stopping it is easier than you think.

All you need to do is NOT CONSENT.

Don't play.

This is the lesson I tried in vain to drive home into people during Covid.

I was disappointed - bitterly even - that so many people download a vaccine passport app. 

DON'T PLAY was my message. I didn't. I took my licks.

Take your shot if you want but don't allow them to coerce you into it. Simple. Don't consent to things that can only hurt all of us in the end. 

But people, fooling themselves into believing this was law and they were powerless, played along. They needed to go to the restaurant and go on their trips to Santa Banana. They obeyed out of pure selfish self-entitlement pretending they were virtuous and doing it for the 'greater good'. 

Canadians took obedience for virtue. 

Canada played. And GOT PLAYED.

Next time. Be attentive.

And brave.


Respect yourselves. Be grateful for your LIBERTY.

Don't be bullied by the state. The state is weak.

We are powerful.



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