Approving Ineffective mRNA Shots For Children

Given all that we know about these 'vaccines' it's highly irresponsible to approve them for children.

Let me go a step further. It's malfeasance and if children are harmed or die, criminal.

Murder even.

There is NO justification for it. 'Rubber Stamp Arnold Monto makes my skin crawl watching him in action.

Not a single HEALTHY child has ever died of Covid.

We've already ruined their immune system locking them down and masking them up.

Cowards hurt the children.

They have a 100% survival rate. The shots claim '91% effectiveness'. Which means it's way lower than that. That's the RRR. The ARR is much lower. Who in their right mind takes these odds? You're in the whole right off the bat 9% if you go with that bull shit claim! 

Notice they've already began normalizing hearth attacks and strokes in children. As they prep to expand the age group and sacrifice them, expect to see still more 'mysterious' diseases hit them.

Folks. It's not rocket science. These are not coincidences and the correlation is as tight to reality as it gets.

The shots are doing something bad. I think they're, on the balance, providing a negative benefit to our health.  The end game, as the conspiracy theorists put it, was to get everyone on a treatment program (boosters) and kids on a schedule. Don't play. And be ready for the fall. Be prepared to fight. 

No. It's not better than nothing. Nothing is relying on the immune system. And in this case, it is superior to any garbage medical product.

No. It would not have been worse if you hadn't gotten the shot. Stop thanking a stupid vaccine. You sound like a complete idiot.

Wake up.


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