The Mentally Ill Giving The Mentally Ill Advice On Mental Health

 Continue following public health advice

An important element in readjusting to public life is learning to take appropriate risks. Public health guidelines offer useful parameters to help you feel confident in your decisions and ease back into the world safely. Placing your trust in health authorities can also foster greater peace of mind by validating that you’re following the best available advice. Remember that you are not expected to be a public health expert — the professionals will set the limitations. All you have to do is work within them.

My advice, if you want to maintain your bearings and any semblance of common sense, is to IGNORE public health authorities and quack commissions.

Putting your trust in government will foster more fear and confusion. Nobody with a properly calibrated sound mind would consider the recent rants from Tam and Duclos to be remotely trustworthy. 

Look. Dude. We have a public health doctor who says airplane seats serve as a barrier against a virus.

You wanna try and tell me this fosters trust and peace of mind?

It's enough to send you to the loony bin.

Everything the state is doing only prolongs the angst, anxiety and fear.

Do the opposite of whatever they say.

Because they don't care about you.

If they did, you wouldn't have Liberal MP's telling their constituents 'fuck you'.

This country has not only lost its mind.

It has lost its soul. 


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