The mRNA Shots Are Causing Health Mayhem

There's nothing mysterious in the so-called 'Sudden-deaths' in adults. The invented SADS 'mystery'. 

Doctors scrambling to understand the 'mysterious' deaths are being obtusely dense. Perhaps deliberately so.

Let me draw you a picture. It will include people, sticks and....syringes.

Clear enough for you?

You can't get more correlation than that. The line between coincidence and correlation is blurred.

The vaccine cult aren't seeing it because they're blinded by dogma (and financial incentives. Loads and loads of it) but to those of us outside the cult and observing and researching the facts, it does look like there is indeed a connection between vaccines and rise of other diseases (including SIDS) in the last 35 years. There is no other explanation. Experts and people like Fauci have often publicly stated they don't know - except it's not the vaccines they claim.


I think it's safe to say it's the vaccines.

Time to examine and scrutinze the 'safe and effective' mantra.


It is time to stop deceiving ourselves.

Look how far a government can take this. Just look at Canada. It was revealed in court their mandates were a conscience decision. That is, they knew they were putting people under emotional duress. They believed that was the perfect time for them to get vaccinated.

You can't get more cynical.

And immoral.

This is a defunct and bankrupted government on so many levels it's troubling.


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