The Stupidest And Cruelest Country In The World

Look at how stupid and cruel Canada has become.


Look at how low Justin took this country. 

If you support this on any level you're just as stupid and cruel.

Every member of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

That goes for border protection too. American border agents didn't enforce Biden's punitive vaccine policies. They showed discretion, common sense and courage. Naturally, it's too much to ask for our agents to not be so heavy-handed. 

You should be embarrassed and ashamed for the sordid and sorry state of affairs you've created.

The idiot PM says the restrictions have to remain because 'variants can come back.'

We're in the 'say any stupid shit' stage of the collapse. Biden the other day claimed the economy is performing at historic levels in the USA.

Crack-quack nut jobs are running our countries.


What a stupid, stupid country.

Science my fucking ass. 


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