Three Things About Ukraine They Lied About

1) There are indeed biolabs. 46 in total.

2) There are indeed Nazis in the army. Azov has been linked to Al-Queda.

3) Ukraine has mercilessly been bombing Eastern Ukraine killing civilians, committing atrocities and bombing facilities including maternity hospitals and then blaming Russia. The Western media then takes Ukraine's claims at face value.

Our tax dollars are paying for this ridiculous proxy war that the West (and the U.S. in particular) have no intentions of winning because proxy wars aren't design to win but punish the enemy by other means. In this case, Russia. 

What they tell you is inverted truth and realities. 

Just like Covid. 

Covid is the cover to pass authoritarian legislation. For the 'greater good' and your protection.

Like they don't give a shit about Ukraine, they don't care about you.


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