Of Bullies, Liars And Cowards

In Canada, I'd say the situation is about as grim as it's ever been for this country. 

Justin Trudeau has ruined Canada.

Justin is a bully. Plain and simple. A narcissistic one at that. 

A shallow, incompetent, valueless, and vindictive Prime Minister that according to an Angus-Reid poll has the 'full support' of only 8% of Canadians. If true, this has to be a Canadian record if not a North American one. He is clearly not well regarded not only here but abroad. A day doesn't go by where I don't see a comment or meme from all over the world that mocks this fool.

His Cabinet is made up of liars. Pure and direct. Duclos today made a statement that was shocking even by this government's own low standards. He claimed the 'vaccines' stop transmission and infection. Contrary to all real-world data and evidence. Never mind that Pfizer has said they were never designed to halt transmission and that Bill Gates admitted it. It's a non-controversial fast. A NON-STERILIZING vaccine CANNOT stop transmission and therefore get your herd. The entire world knows this that's why NO ONE is making this claim anymore and why all nations have dropped mandates. 

To me. what Duclos did today is enough to get him fired or force his resignation.

It's a LIE and he's a LIAR.

They know damn well it does neither of those things. But they have to keep the lie going to keep their insidious mandates in place. Why? No one knows but we'd better start looking into it.

But there's a problem.

Canada is filled with cowards.

Citizens' Hearing were organized whereby expert and personal testimonies were heard from across the country OUTSIDE the mainstream narrative. It was enlightening, well moderated, and professional. It was shocking as it was sad hearing the lives hurt and ruined.

What's reprehensible is the government knew it was going to damage people.

In addition, there are pending lawsuits against the government. So far, it is going well at all for them. Liars and deceivers don't tend to do well in general. The lawyers representing the government should be ashamed of themselves. 

I've heard Liberal MPs have secretly applauded these efforts. Indeed, it's been reported the majority of the caucus have had it with Trudeau. Except they do not have the courage to mount a putsch. The cabinet is a cocooned entity operating outside the lines of legitimacy. 

The Liberal MPs I mentioned, were asked to join the hearings but chose to decline.

They had a chance to heaps their country and balked. 

So we wallow in a state of cynical incompetence and stupidity. 

The bully knows this. The coward also knows this.

Which leaves us in a precarious situation. A stand off if you will.

According to some reports, Justin's downfall has begun. Perhaps. One could only hope. 

And pray.

The damage he has done has been enormous. He's a poor man's Nero. 

Now he has turned Ottawa into a police state for Canada Day celebrations. He has ripped the soul right out of the country and misguided and foolish police are going along with it. It is prohibited to carry a CANADIAN FLAG on Parliament Hill. In order to get, you have to go through a check point.

Canada is not a free and civil nation anymore.

If Justin's plan is to kill the morale of a nation, he is succeeding. First he brought fear to the population. Then he divided it. Now he's crushing its dignity ensuring self-loathing and apathy reign.

Justin Trudeau must be deposed.

This is an open secret.

You don't need a convoy or truckers to see this.

Just a brain and some common sense.

We were once a nation that trounced the German armies of World I and II in several battles.

Now, we can't seem to stand up to a weak bully who when he leaves no one will miss.

Where is our courage?

Who will stand up for Canada?

This is OUR home.

OUR land.

Will you fight for it?

Will Liberal MPs finally find the strength to do what's needed?


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