Canada Set To Buy Second Hand F-35 Jets From The U.S.

The same jets Justin said didn't work or something to that effect. Now he's going to buy them after all because reasons. 

Heaven forbid we build our own.

We're a G7 country that doesn't build its own cars and planes. 

What countries manufacture and invest in their own jet fighter program?

Obviously,  the United States and their F series.  

Also obviously Russia with the MiGs and Sus.

The UK, France Germany and Italy have a tradition of building fighter jets. They were involved in the Eurofighter Typhoon collaboration along with Spain (but not France). But they have each built their indigenous fighters France has the Dassault Rafale for example.

Even small nations like Israel (not surprisingly), Czechia and Sweden (Saab) construct jets. 

In Asia, China has its J lineup in Asia, while India has HAL and Tejas (among others), South Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan and Japan (Mitsubishi) also build their own. 

Know who's not on the list?


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