Canada Is A World Leader In Pseudoscience

Canada has become a very dangerous country to world health and science. 

It's a country that peddles in pseudoscience and has suddenly become a war mongering state.

Not a good combo.

And I haven't mentioned the abuse of power and abuse of the rule of law and endless stream of sleazy scandals.

Have you noticed how many recent 'studies' have been coming out of here that are pure junk science riddled with conflicts of interest?

Recall Firman's 'model' claiming the unvaccinated pose a threat to Canadians. A deliberately flawed study that was referred to by one dope - Adam Van Paddlehead Koerverden - in Parliament. How about the notorious unvaccinated are more likely to cause automobile accidents? 

Or check this priceless nonsense from - of course, CBC (Calgary) - where some quack goes on to cite some study about how if you inject yourself with more vaccine chemicals the less you are susceptible to a stroke. Why are we talking about strokes and heart attacks?  I think the more sober and honourable people recognize the shots are injuring people but the shills and hacks will try and distract you like this doctor is doing on the Rob Brown Comedy Hour starring Dr. Raj Bhardwaj. 

I want you to listen carefully to what's being said there in that clip.

Remember when they used to say an aspirin a day prevents strokes. 

No, no. It's the flu vaccine it turns out that does that. 

Aside from that, I always like perusing the Twitter accounts of these guys because they always tip their hands as to where they lie politically. Raj is no exception. Just like Jonathan Jarry. Just so we're clear, they lean what we call 'left'.  Surprise, surprise. 

Yet, these same people would think nothing of claiming science is too politicized without recognizing or admitting their own part they played in it.

It's really something to behold how captured Canada is. It's thoroughly concerning and depressing. 

We know Canada completely embraced the eradication of informed consent and medical autonomy all to now at the altar of their mRNA god. A more obscenely corrupted scenario I scarce conceive.

We also have taken to bragging about organ harvesting through MAIDS. Nice country. 

Now that the criminals are attempting to shift the blame the carnage caused by 'vaccines' and the excess mortality it's likely causing over to climate change, expect more quackery from Canada. 

This country is the stupid lap dog that does the bidding for its masters giddily and gleefully thinking 'they done good'. 

Climate change is the rage and linking it to our health is one way out of the mRNA catastrophe.

For example, the University of Chicoutimi - a noted beacon of science - has claimed coffee contributes to climate change.

Everything causes climate change (the world is no longer warming but entering a cooling stage) from cow farts to coffee. 

Eat your bugs. Stay home and don't move.

Al Gore needs to add to his $500 million fortune he made on this scam.

Greta - Pippilongstocking - is nothing more than a grifting fraud. She learned well from AOC on how to stage an arrest as she recently did in Germany. 

They're all lying to you. 

Climate is not posing a threat to us anymore than it has since this pathetic species (humans) have walked the earth acting like a dumbass like John Kerry.

And Klaus.

And the rest of the Bond villains including Justin and Chrystia.

Know the game.

Time to stop.


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