O'Toole's Pearl Clutching And The Army Of Arrogant Ignorance

Sounds like failed conservative leader Erin O'Toole is upset at 'Fuck Trudeau' flags.

Gee, Erin.

How did it come to be this way?

This blog has documented the ways. 

Erin seems completely and incomprehensibly disconnected the reason why people are angry.

The cognitive dissonance appears to be deep.

Not sure what part of 'unethical mandates' they don't get. The biggest miscalculation made by the authorities was the use of coercion through mandates. It had a negative impact on public trust. 

But let me take a minute and take dead aim at the comments in his substack. It's a barrage of the usual insufferable faux-righteous smug ignorance Canadians have become infamous for during Covid; wallowing in clueless comfortable numbness.

It's not possible people are this deep into their hyper partisan bubbles.

But first allow me to take a deep breath and a shot of espresso.


"obviously stats critic you didn't read the post nor do you understand it aside from what you refer to as GOOD Canadians losing their livelihoods... it wasn't Canada that said you can't drive into the US without a vaccine it was the US you idiot!"


What champ here doesn't seem to be aware of - or he does but is too stupid to realize his argument is rendered pointless because of it - is that Canada restricted - and thus violated - the mobility rights of Canadians who did NOT break any laws. Condoning and supporting the suspension of civil liberties on specious 'emergency' grounds means that in the future people like him will be staring at the wrong end of a gun. That is, find himself on the wrong side of the law despite having not committed a crime. This is what we call a banana republic.

The Canadian government deliberately ignored the law in this case.

"Thank you this Mr OToole. What upsets me is how “they” have high jacked the Canadian flag altered it, and disgraced it. I had 5 uncles who served in WW 2. I for one want both sides of the aisle to promote our flag and make it proud again. This year our flag is going back on my lawn the week of Canada Day for sure ! All the best from a proud middle conservative"

As is their damn right. You know, freedom like your family fought for.

What's a 'middle' conservative? A centrist?

CINO's are not centrists. CINO's are Liberal lite.

This one triggered a migraine;

I am only aware of public health policies relating to workplaces/etc.

Since there is no "right" to enter someone else's workplace or home, I don't see how anyone's individual rights were infringed in any way.

I keep hearing about these so-called "mandates", but I've yet to be shown an example of one.

I had to take a break lest I was tempted to snap a Kit-Kat and pop a vein with this comment.

He says it as if banning people from entering a place of employment is no big thing. 

The sheer ignorance on display is stunning. What part of it's AGAINST THE LAW TO DISCRIMINATE ALONG MEDICAL STATUS don't people grasp and understand?

The government coerced people - again, a violation of ethics and law - into taking a shot under the threat of losing their job. You can't do that even in an 'emergency'.

We succumbed to fear to the point of justifying denying people's right to earn a living. 

He's only aware of 'so-called' mandates in a workspace. Indeed, a majority of Canadians (because they're functionally ill-informed) that millions of Canadians were banned from DOMESTIC travel.

Workplace mandates were bad enough but we also violated a person's right to mobility. 

These are all in direct violation of all constitutions and charters in the West.

It's staggering this has to be repeated. 

These are you 'CBC conservatives'.

Just how behind the information curve are Canadians? 

Someone was telling me in his circle several people didn't know about Twitter files. 

I think it's possible Canadians are functionally retarded. 

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