Mayhem Of The Vaccinated

A curious thing has happened.

Remember when early in 2022 it was the pandemic of the unvaccinated and how they were going to be taxed as it was claimed they were clogging and hogging hospitals? People were screaming for them to be denied services of any kind and applauded passports and travel bans.

That'll learn 'em.

One year out, and as predicted, the situation has reversed itself. A 'flipenning' has taken place whereby the vaccinated are making up not just the majority of hospitalizations and deaths. They're making up 100% of those.

As in, there are ZERO unvaccinated people making it to the ICU.

Should we ban the vaccinated from society?

I could use a vacation. Imagine the small lines to get onto a plane! Or getting to choose whatever table you want in a restaurant. It will be the one lane highway on Seinfeld. 

Alas, I dream but not entirely not serious. 

Tit for tat.

Eye for an eye.

In response to these shocking figures, Australia and Canada have responded by not reporting data based on vaccination status.

See? It no longer exists. 

And they will think nothing of lying t to the public. Why not? They've been doing so for three years now without a single complaint from normies.

They claim 'misinformation' kills.

No. Lying and censorship kills.

Don't let yourself be treated this way.


Sadly, people are too ill-informed and lazy to see.

I had to deprogram a buddy of mine who claimed the vaccines 'saved lives'. He looked at me stunned at everything I was telling him. And believe you me, what I was telling him was very tame. I know you have to ease them into the alternative dissenting views. He  simply had no idea about anything I was telling him. All verified facts.

I realized then and there the massive mountain we have to climb in order to repair all this mess the authorities and authoritarians have made.

It will take all the will we can muster to fight this.

It's daunting.

It may be futile.

But fight on we must.

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