Stupid People Are More Dangerous Than Misinformation

The world is filled with stupid people. 

Stupid, self-entitled, bratty, people. 

Take Gerald Butts.

A train wreck of ignorant hubris litters his Twitter account.

And this is a guy that found his way into the PMO because he's buddies with another spectacularly stupid person Justin Trudeau.

Stupid is far more dangerous than misinformation.

But the two combined, well, that's toxic to the point of being a direct threat to the democracy they claim to protect.

No, Jerry.

The government doesn't 'grant' anything to humans. Negative rights are bestowed upon us under the authority of God.

Here, the faux-progressive notion that somehow rights are 'granted' is to reduce rights to a mere mortal concept. That way, authoritarians can control the flow of rights and ultimately liberty.

I don't know if it's by design here, but even that would demand some level of intelligence. Communists were clever and intelligent propagandists.

But this bunch of liberals?

They're just stupid.

And arrogant about it.

That makes them far more dangerous than the unvaccinated or truckers. 

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