The WEF And WHO Are Dangerous. Both Threaten Human Health, Liberty And Dignity.

Comic book villain weirdo Klaus Schwab made an appeal to the faithful adherents of the Peter Principle in attendance to 'Master the future'.

Always look ahead in order to control the present.

Never live in the now.

Or else, you can't manipulate people through fear to achieve your agenda.

Master the future.

Tickle me skeptical.

Sounds ominous in fact. 

It coincides with the SEERS pandemic simulation they have planned for 2025.

Their shitty mathematical models were wrong about everything yet they seem to be able to predict to the year when a pandemic will hit. Funny how pandemics generally come once every 100 years or more but now are expected to be a common thing.

Bill Gates has the WHO by the balls.

Not sure how we get normies to not buy into the next planned attack. The next response could potentially be far worse than what we witnessed.

It will be the same but on steroids and with forced vaccinations and camps.

It could get very, very ugly. 

The challenge will be to get normie to understand it's not a conspiracy theory (since it's been broadcast) but a conspiracy. Big difference. 

You believed this will all go away?

You actually think they will let it go away?

Not with all this money on the table.

This has nothing to do with your health and everything to do with money.

Pandemics are big business now. And you can stop it.

First step, stop looking at this through the lens of partisan politics. 

The Liberals/Democrats are not better people who care more about you than Conservatives/Republicans.

The next step, get the latter in power because they will a) be less vulnerable to the scam and b) will not give up sovereignty to the WHO as stipulated in their agenda. 

We have two years to stop the expansion of WHO power, and the next planned pandemic. 

Finally, we need to weed out the politicians who are part of or sympathetic to the WEF.  In Canada, we have a huge problem with Justin, Chyrstia and Jagmeet being loyal soldiers to the WEF.

They will put globalist interests above Canada and sell it as if it's good for Canada.

No, it isn't.

I expect other countries to wake up to this before Canada does.

The WEF is poison and is dangerous for the future of humanity. 


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