The Middling Ramblings Of A Gaslighting, Corrupt Ideologue

2023. Plus ca change....

Justin intends more lies and disinformation are the way forward.

Let's assess.

"I think in all my communications, in the frustration that Canadians were feeling — not just around that but around the pandemic in general — It was a sense that Canadians really stepped up for each other. People went out and got vaccinated to a higher degree than just about any other country and because of that, we actually had a better and safer pandemic than most people.

The claim that vaccination led to 'better and safer' outcomes is absurd and not supported by data. This is a political statement. He himself said, 'get vaccinated, end the pandemic'. Did it?

Canadians stepped up for each other because they were misled, mislead and robbed of their informed consent and medical autonomy from health officials and the PM himself. They were told it would end the pandemic because the shot would stop transmission and prevent infection. None of those happened. Then they lowered their sales pitch to 'it prevents severe disease' thus opening the door to another false claim not supported by data it lowered hospitalization and death. Studies claiming it did were flawed and bankrolled by pharma and others with conflicts of interest.

It's also worth noting, Canada always had lower case/death numbers prior to the arrival of mRNA gene editing products. This is a fact observed throughout 2020 and most of 2021. Why this is the case is a topic for another time. However, our IFR tended to be high.

In fact, our IFR is among the highest in the world. This punctures his claim.

Just more of the typical over-inflated Canadian braggadocio.

Oh. By the way. Defence Minister Anand probably made millions off Covid through her husband's PCR test kit deals with the government.

Canada has normalized conflicts of interest and outright corruption.

And why not? Canadians allow it to happen.

"Yes, we lost far too many people and it was heartbreaking. But, we did better than most of the other countries that we can compare to. The fact that there were some people out there who were actively spreading harmful disinformation and misinformation, harmful lies that made people scared that the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus. And family sitting around the bedside of a loved one who was dying from COVID saying: 'oh my God, I wish you'd just taken the vaccine, I wish you hadn't listened to all those YouTube channels.'

Some of those YouTube channels include world-renowned experts and medical professionals far more qualified to discuss this topic than Justin Trudeau. Let's not forget he's a drama teacher. We also know this government did not listen to any advice from its own scientists choosing instead to ram through measures designed to fit its political agenda and narratives. Justin is trying to position himself as some sort of Covid saviour. Hopefully, the truth will eventually rise and smash through the walls of deceit and lack of transparency he erected.

That was an utterly smug and ignorant statement.

"Like this is real. There were real tragedies and there were people trying to gin that up and to expand the divisions, and the fear, and sense of conspiracy that were out there. We as a government always and will always be extremely patient with people who are hesitant about getting a vaccine, or whatever. And that's why we put out in-language support for different multicultural communities, we did ad campaigns, we made sure that we had local validators."

Justin was the only one dividing Canadians with his coercive mandates and hate speech.

Justin Trudeau committed violence against a portion of this population.

Patient? That's not what was revealed in the hearings. All you heard were how it was important to act quickly. There was no time to allow for the law to catch up. They had to crush a protest and seize bank accounts because....well, their motives remain unclear. They're hiding behind Cabinet Omertà.

If there's one thing this immature government lacks, it's patience.

"We did everything to encourage people along, but those people who were actively putting people's lives in danger by spreading falsehoods around science that will help and heal and save people, and save our economy, and save lives, and save our institutions. Those people — and there were a small minority within the larger anti- movements who were really vocal — I don't, and I won't apologize for calling out people who were harming their fellow Canadians."...

By 'everything' he meant abusing their civil liberties with mandates with no basis in science whatsoever. Millions likely took the shot under duress. 

Wow. That's a lot of 'saving'. mRNA can do all that? Save democracy too? Who knew?

Make outrageous claims of success to absolve yourself of the catastrophe you heaped upon the civil order. 

"When someone believes that your government is trying to inject a vaccine in you to control your mind and track you, and there's a microchip in it, that's almost the definition of a government conspiracy theory that you wear a tinfoil hat to protect your brain from brainwaves. It's a frame that when people fall into conspiracy theories, we need to call them out on that."


That's precisely what international organizations like the WEF, Bill Gates and tech companies are angling to do. A Swedish company already unveiled a micro-chip to be inserted into your wrist. Gates is widely known to invest in Q-dot technologies among other things. Elon Musk wants brain chips.

The WHO is looking to remove any protections of human rights to install a bio-medical surveillance state of which Canada is a key player. A key component of this plan is the use of Digital ID.

What we have here is Justin gaslighting the public. Since 2020, conspiracy theorists have been right about everything from passports to a permanent pandemic to EUA and coerced vaccinations, quarantine camps and the curbing of civil liberties.

Justin didn't save a lick of anything. But he did manage to expand Federal powers and create a de facto 'democratic' dictatorship.

Other than that....the usual hard hitting journalism of CTV on full display. Good job getting at it, Omar.


The only tin foil I hat iI see is the one the Prime Minister (Prime Potato) of Canada is wearing.

Don't let yourself be gaslit by these propagandists who couldn't care less about you and your family.

Happy New Year to those aware and awake. 

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