Why Such Anger?

Normies still don't understand why people are angry.

A combination of indifference, ignorance and selfishness permits them to remain oblivious to sitting down and examining what was done to not just unvaccinated Canadians but ALL Canadians regardless of medical status.

Why such anger?

Here's why.

In two tweets.

COVID-19 travel restrictions for China arrivals 'not effective,' 'little bit absurd': infectious disease experts

Remember when CTV criticized the same restrictions imposed on FELLOW CANADIANS?

Me either.

For you normies, there were millions of your fellow Canadians who were forbidden to get on a plane, train or boat to soothe your sorry asses with useless leaky 'vaccines' that didn't stop transmission or prevent infection.

What about the roster of CTV experts? Did they ever step in and defend science and do the ethical thing and denounce those measures?

Of course not. The gang of Labos, Vinh, Oughton, Boguch etc. all supported them including passports.

But now Boguch is saying this is a dumb thing to do.

If the goal is to slow the introduction of Omicron to 🇨🇦, a policy of testing on arrival & quarantine until negative will help. Of course it is not perfect (USA = gaping hole) but this will slow things down. Focused travel restrictions to various African countries less helpful.

Science. There it is. In all its glory.
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