The mRNA Experiment Failed And Came At A Great Cost

"Pfizer CEO Admits No One Wants the COVID Vaccine Anymore, Predicts More “Severe Disease” Coming

“The waves that will be coming will be coming with higher clinical manifestation of severe disease and more hospitalizations.“

Yes, because the shots weakened people's immune systems over the long term. 

Not to mention this whole Ig3 and Ig4 scandal.

What a preposterous disaster this is.

Far from saving lives (remember, that claim was based on garbage mathematical models), these shots have done possibly irreparable harm to the civil order and human health.

The 'vaccines' may have saved some lives in the very beginning and prevented some hospitalizations but it's rather dubious to claim they saved millions of lives; let alone continue to be remotely effective.

Excess mortality suggests negative efficacy.

And yes, I'm taking the plunge here and making a logical claim that the mRNA shot played a significant role in those excess deaths. Those heart attacks we're seeing all over the place aren't normal no matter what the criminals, shysters and shills tell you.

Pfizer and Moderna have been complaining about poor sales for some time now.

What we need is for criminal charges to be laid for fraud and their stocks to collapse.

I know. This scam is bigger than pharma with the DoD likely being the orchestrator with Fauci as their show (and perhaps fall) man.

End the madness already. 

The damage is done. Permanent.

The healing has to begin.

And justice must follow. 

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