Hysteria And Psychosis: Aways Remember What You're Witnessing

Few scientists are blessed with the ability to combine the humanities and the laws of human nature with a scientific mind adhering to long-established scientific methinks like Carl Sagan.

This is the gang that peddles the endless Covid fear porn narrative. Ignore them.

They lack humanity despite their claims. All their advice and recommendations are anti-human. 

We're witnessing a real, deep hysterical psychosis at the moment. What's important is to come out of on the other side still standing.

It's what happens in a dark age. I've been arguing we're mired in one for years now on this blog.

But operating within a dark age are forces that seek to bring back light and rejuvenate the human spirit. There are already alternative and parallel institutions, businesses and ideas springing up everywhere. I don't expect Canada to be a part of it or contribute to it, unfortunately. We will be sitting this one out and be followers when the inevitable happens. That is, a new rebirth emerges. This will be our history. 

A country that does this, is not serious about truth and how culture plays a role in this. 

This is what's happening.

People see the plans of the WEF and 'One-world governance as nothing but repackaged communism. 

Be a part of it.

We're easy to find. 

We're side the state chastises and demonizes. 

Join us.

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