How To Spot A Shill Or Cultist

Rumour has it spooks from the U.S. Federal government have set up at the hospital where Hamlin is.

Still think this is about Covid or public health? Or even funnier, your health?

It came to my attention Pfizer considers 'rate' to be 1 in 1000.

That's not rare. That's freakishly frequent.

The adjusted death rate for Covid for people under 60? .0035%.

But keep singing you're a Pfizer girl.

And being a rabid, irrational Covidian cultist. 

They're the ones with the crazy eyes in a mask. Simple. 

That's how you spot a cultist.

Anyone still shilling for this - I don't even know what to call this crap - is not a good person but pure evil.

What about a shill?

It's very easy.

Anyone saying Hamlin's injury was 'commotio cordis'.

Naturally, our resident knucklehead buffoon Dr. Chrisopher Nick Labos Rivera from the comforts of his home in Montreal 'explained' it to a Montreal audience. By the time he said it, serious cardiologists were already noting and explaining it could not be commotio cordis. 

CTV News. News you can trust.

Canadians are, like usual, I'd say two months behind the fact curve.


For the heck of it, I went into Politifact to see how many statements made by Anthony Fauci they 'fact-checked.'

In three years, you'd figure many, right?


ONE fact-check. That's it. Out of the gigantic reservoir of specious, dubious and misleading claims and statements made by Mr. Science, you'd think it would be, um, higher, no?

Now try and tell me the fix isn't in.

The biggest donors who pay for PF are Facebook and Tik Tok. 

Politifact is part of the Poynter empire. Itself funded and supported by Democrat supporting philanthropists. 

Make what you will of it.

I know what I will of it.

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