Canada Now Bragging About Harvesting Organs

There isn't a single RCT study showing masks are effective in hospital settings. Ditto for community settings. ZERO. The ones the media peddles are all usually in lab-controlled environments or mathematical models. 

In other words, garbage. 

And now we're killing people based on junk science.

We're at such an irrational and illogical point in Canada where hospitals have goons patrolling their rickety and dank halls enforcing masks.

Canada is without common sense, empathy and intelligence.

Read the story of the killing of Stephanie Warriner.

Good job Canada's hospitals. 

Doing us proud.

How bad is it in Canada?

Read this article about how we're harvesting organs through MAIDS.  The article attempts to frame it as though Canada is at the forefront of a 'rising trend'.

Yet,  I don't see other countries doing it. Let alone brag about it. 

China is into harvesting organs though.

Welcome to the Hotel Canada.  

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