A Culture Of Stupid Ignorance: They Learned Nothing

No surprise here.

Canada imposes futile and discriminatory testing on Chinese travellers.

Let's keep with the anti-science fallacies.

Continuons as the CAQ say.

Continue with the stupid ignorance.

And delusion Kabuki theatre.

Three years on and they've learned absolutely nothing.


More on Trudeau's cowardly sneer at YouTube channels.

YouTube is filled with so many channels spread across endless themes, topics and subjects, it defies any attempt at making sense of it.

The market decides for itself. It 'invisibly' picks and chooses what it likes. What it deems inappropriate and concludes to be beneficial. 

There's a dizzying combination of junk, creepy and amazing on YouTube.

You can't regulate it. It's impossible.

Any attempt at regulating will fail spectacularly.

Like Covid measures.

The sling-shot effect will be epic.

But don't expect intelligent governance from a stupid government made up of idiotic ideologues.

That line was for the fake conservative Erin O'Toole.

Alas, Justin believes he's your father. He must protect you like the over-protective and mentally unstable mother.

Justin's attack on those who watch YouTube channels offering alternative (and accurate0 opinions and data on Covid and 'vaccines' was a cheap shot without justification.

YouTube offers a lot to people. We can decide for ourselves.

The idea that his government's (disinformation) messaging is threatened only proves he fears the truth.

There's absolutely nothing you can do, Justin. Whatever 'transformation' you're looking for will only damage Canada. Not strengthen it. The truth keeps marching forward. The facts and reality will slap you straight into your face no matter how much you hide behind Cabinet privilege like the cowards you all are.

Canadians let you get away with a lot. You're feeling good about yourself. The smug smirk and faux-serenity body language reveals this.

Their apathy and obedience was your gain as you betrayed their naive trust. 

I remain hopeful you will finally get your comeuppance. 

Get bent Justin.

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