We Were Never In This Together

Justin Trudeau remains as repugnant as ever.

The messaging of this fool has gone from stale to just outright petulance.

He keeps repeating how 'Canadians were there for each other'.

Except those who chose to decline a medical procedure and questioned the Covid narrative and propaganda.

Them he attacked with a steady stream of vitriol and hate speech rhetoric.

We all remember what he said.

And by 'being there for each other' I suppose he means those who obeyed. Those who didn't had this done to them:

-Banned from travel.

-Denied unemployment insurance after being fired for non-compliance.

-Had bank accounts frozen as a result of protesting mandates.

- Forced businesses to take loans as a result of specious and illegal lockdowns and who must now pay it back putting them in debt for something that rendered NO RESULTS.

-PHAC spied on 33 million Canadians prepping for a biomedical surveillance state.

-Provinces set up checkpoints denying entry even to family members who wanted to see dying loved ones.

-Lockdowns and curfews.

-Masks despite millions of Canadians with various medical conditions making it very difficult for them to wear one. I will never forget when a handicap man went to buy chocolate at a Wal-Mart in Manitoba and could not wear a mask due to a breathing situation was inhumanely treated by staff and security. They're hundreds of stories like this.

-Passports thus creating a two-tier society that clearly remains as the PM continues to maintain a rhetoric that keeps Canadians divided. 

On what planet are you on to think we 'were in this together'? These were cruel and unusual responses to a virus that did not threaten us. We all know Justin used mandates as a wedge for political expediency. Yet, he goes up there lies with incredulous ease to the point of it being disturbing. 

We turned on each other.

Do you remember the headlines about wanting the unvaccinated (who ended up being 100% right) to be denied health care or worse? The Toronto Star published a piece where one of its 'journalists' wanted people to die. Here in Quebec, they took the ignorance level to Def-Con infinity. 

Canada showed its true colours to me. You can pretend all you want about how 'great' a nation this is but it's dead to me. And to millions of others. Justin Trudeau is viewed as a despot around the world now. He's looking even more silly and preposterous than he already is. Only in Canada we don't seem to get the memo and read the damn room. 

Now, that doesn't mean some Canadians are the civil level didn't help each other out. But most of it was hardly in the spirit of 'sticking up for each other' because when it mattered most, Canadians consented to the vilest of psyops: Lockdowns, masks, and the segregation of fellow Canadians along medical status lines. 

It really is sickening on multiple levels. 

Unethical, unscientific, and wholly immoral at this point.

All for what at this point?

No one is talking this way anymore. But here's our PM still thinking it's 2020.

But Canadians aren't principled people. In New Zealand, the courts and citizens pressured Ardern to the point she had to resign.

There is no such thing here.

We have a bureaucracy and people who actually condone this.

'We're in this together' may be appropriate for highly principled nations or those with strong nationalist roots but it most certainly doesn't apply in Canada. 

There's nothing that binds us together anymore.

Liberty? Canadians have no concept of what it means.

Democracy? Ditto.

We were never n this together. Only the tribe who obeyed were.

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