Normies: It's Not Over

You think they went through all the trouble of force vaccinating while introducing passports for nothing and for your health?

That was round 1. 

They like what they saw. 

You all complied. You buy into their claims that 'misinformation' is dangerous. It makes you timid to look behind Door #2. 

Truth. Or at least, different opinions and perspectives.

They don't want that.

They have round 2 planned and it's coming real soon. They already told you. Gates has been saying for two years another pandemic is coming. Klaus keeps telling the world cyberattacks are inevitable. 

All planned.

And it's easier to unleash these nefarious schemes than you think.

Turns out Twitter officials were using a secret cloud server called Jira to communicate with government officials to quash basic 1st amendment rights.

A secret organ - just like in the gulags.

And it wasn't to the benefit of citizens.

They see you as a threat that needs controlling.

I don't know what's in these shots but there's something here that should make us ask questions given how badly they want to continue pushing them.

Remember, these are not vaccines. They are mRNA gene editing injections. We have no idea what these things can do to us in the long term. We're seeing what they can do in the short to mid-term and it ain't good.

Still think it's all crazy talk? The WHO announced H5N1 is potentially on its way. An official from the FDA said the EUA has no 'end point'. They're going to continue indefinitely. 

Not to protect you but to continue expanding the biosecurity surveillance state.

You job is to fix the mistake (s) you made with Covid. Be engaged. Ask questions. Do NOT consent to anything that asks you to give up your rights however 'small' the 'inconvenience'.

They're injecting the food supply (cattle etc.) now.

Just like the conspiracy theorists warned in 2020.

They will not end the pandemic.

You're always at war with Eastasia.

Welcome to the war. An information and cultural war. 

You're in one whether you like it or not.

Will you finally join the righteous? 

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