Chrystia Freeland Is Despotic - Like Her Boss

Naturally, thanks to Rouleau, Justin and his sowers of discord are reinforcing invoking the EA was correct.

They sincerely don't grasp what they did to people. All they see is the desired result.

Chrystia keeps saying how freezing bank accounts was a 'tool' that helped to bring a peaceful resolution to the freedom convoy.

Leave aside for one second the fact there never was a national security state.

I'm going to focus on her saying it's 'peaceful'.

I beg to differ.

In fact, it's the opposite.

It's violence.

Here's why.

By freezing bank accounts of citizens engaging in lawful and peaceful protest (I don't accept the government's premise arguing it was not), including people who merely donated, your cause pain and misery.

And they know it, otherwise, why do it?

Chrystia knows full well what she did was painful and caused great angst to many people.

That's the point.

Preventing someone from paying their mortgage or buying food to feed their families is VIOLENCE and should never ever be considered an option.

But we have a violent government, 

They acted upon their despotic impulses and hid behind cabinet privilege.

Then they lied o the public and under oath.

Where they didn't lie, they mislead with disinformation. 

Rouleau, a liberal, took the bait.

No one is safe in Canada anymore.

No one.

I do expect freezing accounts to become more commonplace It remains to be seen, and if it does, what kind of an impact this will have on banks and people investing here.

No one wants to invest in a place that could freeze their assets on a whim. No one wants to operate under duress wondering if they'd ever run afoul of a thin-skinned government.

This is precisely how banana republics run. 

The standard to constitute a national security threat is now so low that anything qualifies.

Even Stanley Cup parades. 

Tread carefully Canada. This is your new normal. And you consented.

Others. They'll continue to fight.

The government is making enemies of law-abiding citizens because it's trying to protect itself for outrageous abuse of power.

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