Time To Shut The CDC And Remind The WHO To Stay In Its Lane

Despite, yet another mask review showing the ineffectiveness of masks, both the CDC and WHO, in outright arrogant defiance of the data and science, reiterated and quintupled down on recommending them. In the case of the WHO, they're flat out ignoring their own recommendations on masks prior to 2020.

The CDC has simply become a ridiculous caricature of itself no one should trust while the WHO is in need of reform. Just not the one they're looking for through the Pandemic Treaty that would give them enormous powers and control over international health decision.  The United States and Canada are insidiously signing over our health sovereignty to them.

Imagine the WHO with powers to compel us into their demands such as masking.

If they can force a mask, they will force anything threatening personal medical autonomy.

Our national governments (is it stupidity or something more?) are ignoring national laws to sign these treaties. 

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