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"My wife’s parents both died in Canada during Covid lockdown. Not from covid. In order to go and provide hospice care we had to violate lockdown policy under threat of a million dollar fine and jail time. It felt very much like we were under threat by communism. We felt like kissing the ground as we got outside the border."

We need to explore these stories further. I've heard and read many such stories since 2020.

I still can't believe this happened in Canada.

Denying access to loved ones was one of the cruellest actions undertaken here and Canadians will need to face it and come to terms with the fact that when faced with a crisis, we weren't there for each other.

That's just a piece of propaganda from a government to this day that continues to defend its repugnant and futile actions.

Depriving people of being with loved ones isn't human - even under the guise of public health. It's cruel and totalitarian in nature. Worse, it was applauded by many.

A lot of bad ill-will and poor kinetic energy was created.

Absolutely embarrassing this happened. 

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