This Week In 'They Lied To You'.

This side has been warning since 2020, don't do it. Don't consent  Be attentive. Listen and watch for the cues and jargon designed to manipulate. Follow the cadence and path of their moves. 

If you did so from the day they said, '15 days to flatten the curve' and 'we're in this together',  you're in a much better position to digest the scale of the crime committed against all of humanity. 

You've been surfing the wave properly. You were the eye on the mountain observing all that is below in the village.

For the normies and conformies who didn't, life is about to get disorienting. It has too. Esoterically and literally. 

You can't keep closing your eyes. The pain and suffering being caused are just too great.

You're going to have to sit and ponder about what they did to you - us.

They stole your right to choice, consent and expression.

Churches shut down and people denied the right to see dying loved ones may not be your problem, but if 'we're in this together' this swings TWO WAYS, does it not?

You can't pick and choose how you apply that opaque and stupid phrase.

Simplistic jingoism for simpletons. Are you a simpleton?

All the measures and restrictions have ruined the civil order. And that order doesn't get better until we have an honest chat about what happened.

They put you in a lockdown. They put you in a curfew. They had no right to do this. There is and never will be any scientific justification for it. Never mind ethically and legally.

They went about the rule of law for 'public safety'.

It was all based on LIES.

And Justin Trudeau continues to lie to your face without any kind of remorse. 

Are we a nation of men?

Do you not have any dignity?

We have to fix this. And soon. 

We need to reexamine science and technology and its place in a civil society. We need to put back in place where academics and scientists belong. They've gone way out of their lanes pontificating on too many issues beyond their area of expertise. I really don't need to hear an infectious disease doctor Tweet about U.S. politics or a judge ranting about Tucker Carlson.

It's funny. They're allowed to spew their own misinformation but are the first to call for censorship against people who disagree or have different opinions.

The Canadian government better start reading the damn room. The U.S. is now poised to have a reset but not the reset Justin and his pals at the WEF want. The GOP is going in and have had just about enough of the lies.

There was a vicious lie going around where it was claimed Republicans were going to ask Democrat Raskin to remove his head gear. He wears one because he lost his hair during cancer treatments. Except this never happened. In fact, live footage and recordings show the opposite. Nothing but support and love for Raskin.

Yet the usual suspects ran with it. They're so blinded by their own personal bias, they actually believed the story. They've so thoroughly believed in their own dehumanization of others - like the unvaccinated - they're all too willing to post anything without verification that colors their 'opponents' evil.

This is what we call AUTHORITARIANISM

Justin and the left have done a remarkable job of dehumanizing Canadians. So good a job, people don't see it.

In any event, the GOP is putting in legislation to stop everything. The emergency, future passports, masks, all the pseudoscientific hocus-pocus bull shit that's done nothing but divide people.

Not a single mask saved anyone. Get over yourself. You're not a hero.

You're an idiot and an asshole if you to this day still engage in such evil anti-human behaviors.

The government is the biggest purveyor of disinformation and that's a historical fact of history and the nation-state.

People are out there doing their best to get the truth out. And believe me, it's out there.

Seek it. 

The government is doing everything in its power to prevent you from exercising your GOD GIVEN right to live in peace and freedom. To explore, research and investigate is your duty as a free citizen.

Stop being trusting and naive and ASK QUESTIONS.

They're now truing to normalize the excess deaths around us. They're now using the Covid playbook and attempting to put it on climate system change. The WHO is attempting a massive power coup at the expense of national sovereignty (and of course, Canada is right there in the thick of it supporting it).

Too many MPs have confused supporting international initiatives as being the same as national interests.

This is not always the case. They've conflated the WEF agenda with ours.

We need to jolt them back into reality.

'Global initiatives' are not necessarily good for us.

Think one size fits all. 

Modern health care is, ironically, sick. It's attempting to create a 'one-size fits all' medical tyranny. Nothing proves this more than the irresponsible and aggressive "vaccine" campaign we are witnessing.

We'v known for months these mRNA shots are a catastrophe. Many of us knew from the get go this was going to be the disasters to end all medical disasters.

The 'safe and effective' mantra was the same as the jargon I mentioned up top.

A marketing ploy with no real basis in actual real data. Just manipulated studies.

It's al there. In books, journals and articles. LOOK INTO IT.

Does it make sense to you to continue to push a vaccine widely acknowledged to now be well below 50% efficacy on people despite a 99.985% survival rate?


And what we've done to kids is nothing short of an appalling and grotesque crime. Never in danger at all from Covid, we're now sacrificing their immune systems like crazed lunatics. This despite the efficacy for kids (based on shoddy and tiny trials) is below 90% and of whom 75% have already been infected in the U.S.!

This is what happens when they lie to you about natural immunity. 

Now we're about to see a bunch of poor kids get hurt or die from the shots.

All risk and no benefit.

Just benefit to Big Gates and Big Pharma.

Ok. Let me get to the point of this rant.

The U.S. arbitrarily plans to end the emergency on May 15. When asked about it, the impostor dimwitted Irish hoodlum in power said 'the emergency ends when the Supreme Court ends it'.

This is why the GOP - along with some Democrats it appears - seem to have finally understood the depth and scope of the treasonous crime syndicate in their midst.

Like Cicero once said, great republics are usurped from within.

No conspiracy. Just human nature and laws of nature.

I believe this is what's happening in Canada and the USA.

Only, where countries like New Zealand appear to actually be a robust democracy - Senators have spoken out there and in Australia - against what's going. There was enough pressure from citizens to force Ardern to resign. In the U.S, they will outlaw all the oppressive and futile tools used during Covid from masks to passports. 

No such thing is happening in Canada. Not a single Senator has said a thing. It's extremely troubling and we need to ask why.

In fact, the apathetic silence points to a failing democracy.

On the same day of the U.S. announcement, the WHO declares the pandemic is not over (even though the world population is clearly moving on) while Bill Gates, after taking all his profits, stated the vaccines, for a lack of a better term, suck.

On top of all that, now we have Pfizer on the defensive making remarkable claims (to which a criminal investigation must be openly looking into it) of self-defence and the FDA slowly admitting they have a problem. 

All stuff 'conspiracy theorists' knew already.

Just go back and read my posts since 2020.

The purpose of this blog was firstly for me to keep a close eye on things to the best of my ability so as to not lose sight of the plot. It has taken an enormous toll on me. Thousands of articles and studies later, I feel it's one of my greatest achievements in life have seen right through this dirty scandal.

Another was to hopefully have hoped people. If anything, to get them to ask questions and think.

If it saved one normie, I'm happy.

The fight isn't over.

They have great things planned.

Despite the obvious failure of everything, I saw an article where Health Canada plans to expand vaccine passports.

This is happening because there's little push back here.

The trucker convoy was important but it was isolated by the media lies Canadians all too easily swallowed.

So we need to keep the pressure up until Canadians realize their government doesn't have their interest at heart.

This is not about public health folks any more Ukraine is about 'democracy and freedom'.

This goes beyond it.

We need to seriously rethink the path we're on.

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