Rouleau Ruling


Always remember.

The Liberal party of Canada opened this Pandora's Box that's been unleashed on Canada.

People continue to get their bank accounts frozen to this day.

One day it could be you for doing the wrong thing. We're now on the path Justin can lock bank accounts for, say, people saying the wrong things on a blog. Or for investing in crypto. Or whatever he deems to be a 'threat'.

Justin, Lametti and Chrystia are full-on authoritarians.

The Liberals investigated themselves and saw nothing wrong.

Oh, but there is.

And it's about as serious as anything this country has ever witnessed.

This cuts to the very heart of what it means to be free in Canada. Notice, however, how the media is now taking dead aim at the word 'freedom'.

Don't you worry. They will be forced to learn to code soon enough.

Very stupid people are in positions of power and influence.

They're far more dangerous than any trucker.

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