Quebec's 'Energy Transition Master Plan'.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

It's gonna be hard going green.


Because the whole climate change hysteria - like Covid - is rooted in shoddy, manipulated, corrupted, unsound science.

It's driven by The Science TM.

It's all about grifting. None of these targets will ever be met because there's no target to be met.

Quebec, being a ward of the WEF and McKinsey, (like its masters in Ottawa*), is fully on board with Agenda 2030 and other 'sustainability' quackery peddled by global elites and organizations including the United Nations and World Health Organization (and its boss Bill Gates).

Money is being handed out for these projects so the neo-filles du roi corporatist cronies here have their hands out.

Quebec's 'Master Plan'  (be sure to watch the video) is an ambitious if not grandiose declaration of going from true blue de la souche to an envious green economy.

In a province where we just had record-low temperatures. 

It wasn't a good week for electric cars I can tell you that.

Canada is at the centre of all that's bad with the 'Great Reset'. We're piloting all sorts of projects from CBDC's to health passports to Green transitions.

Canada fancies itself a world leader.

Except, is anyone following?

My thoughts on this.

Quebec wants digital ID by 2025 and to become "green" by 2030. Interesting they chose 2030, no? Agenda 2030 anyone? Did McKinsey suggest it, Mr. Legault? A lot can happen and my hope is it will falter thanks to our historic record of inefficiency and corruption.

Just in my industry alone, chaos reigns. And its services. If you can't run services, there's not much hope for the Master Plan.

Our second-rate public health system continues to crumble. But it's ok. The Feds have a plan. They will increase transfer payments for health from 22% to 35% if the provinces prostitute themselves in the form of handing over private health data.

Thankfully one province - Saskatchewan - says it's opting out. All we need is a couple more to end this massive intrusion and usurpation of private data.

But what does Quebec do? It inks a deal with Ottawa to do just that. Hand over our data to get the cash. That's their 'master plan' to fix health here. Which, of course, won't happen. The money will disappear faster than Flash Gordon. We can't get people to see a doctor in under 18 hours while having fired nurses for daring to decline a useless medical procedure, but we're gonna go full green as a growth scheme?

Sure thing, Mutumbo. Whatever you say.

Despite massive structural waste and inefficiencies in Quebec, the province is about to embark on its most ambitious project since Bay James (which did well thanks to international cooperation), Expo 67 (an actual success story) and the Olympic Stadium (riddled with over costs and corruption). Same with the CHUM. 

Probably bigger than all those since it wants to revamp and overhaul the economy (just who exactly are the 'stakeholders'?**)  to transition into an economy that will likely result in massive taxes and fewer civil liberties. And probably more divisive rhetoric dehumanizing people along the way to ram this plan home.

We're now watching the merging of climate change alarmism with Covid hysteria. The perpetual state of emergency writ large.

I hold out little confidence this will work. 

*Ironically, Quebec despite all its powers and blusters of autonomy is actually dependent on Ottawa's cash flow through equalization payments. Alberta (and Saskatchewan) exhibit more independence than Quebec does.

** Stakeholders is just more communist-inspired jargon.

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