What Does Canada Value?

Does it value freedom? If it did, it would fight for it. 

But as we've seen these past three years, Canada doesn't value liberty. It pays lip service to it, but when it comes to protecting it, they run off in cowardice to hide behind government diktats. It's  much easier to vicariously fight for other people's freedom like in Ukraine. Canadians didn't stand with truckers who sounded the alarm about government abuse but they stand with Ukraine? 

Hollow isn't it? Superficial, no?

Instead of virtue signalling with Ukraine colours, why aren't we concerned about our own government's actions against our collective freedoms?

Does it value life? If it did, it would fight for it.

Instead, we're seeing a country losing a sense of what it means to be humans and leading a joyous existence. We've made MAIDS way too loose extending it to minors. How can a society tolerate allowing a minor to ask for assisted suicide? Children are immature. They're always changing their minds. It's what it means to be "young and stupid". We don't mature until we're 25. So why is the government allowing for MAIDS to be accessible to anyone under 25? These people should be reminded that life is worth fighting for. 

But we have a scientific-medical-technocratic tyranny feigning progress and reason.

The government has backed off until 2024 its macabre plan to murder children. 

But look for the jargon. As I've repeatedly said since 2020. The details are in the jargon.

In this case, experts (once again them) are cautioning Canadians aren't ready to kill their young (gee, I wonder why?), are not asking the government to end this slippery slope but rather to employ a 'stepped approach'.

In other words, nudge people into accepting it.

What has happened to Canada?

A country that lacks values and principles and refuses to defend those is one open to the scourge of pseudoscience, and social and civil disorder.

Liberty and life.

Both are under attack in Canada. 

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