A Mixed Bag Of News

Interesting news came out today.

On the good side, the Liberals stepped away from their gun-grab play. That was never going to fly. On the bad side, Bill C-11 was passed in the Senate with amendments and is likely to become law. Canada inches closer to losing freedom of expression and a possible drop in quality content.

On the good side, a plant-based Canadian vaccine company, Medicago, is ceasing operations in Quebec. More on that in a minute. On the bad side, the Federal government is coercing provinces into a digital ID system if they want to get federal health care funds. More on that....after the Medicago spiel.

I called it last year that Quebec's shortsighted and cynical play to pounce on the 'vaccine' trend during Covid would flop. Demand at the time was already falling and 'investing' in such adventures was doomed to fail. At the time, both Moderna and Pfizer had complained of waning (like their crappy 'vaccines') demand.

No problem. You can count on the rubes in the Canadian and Quebec governments to step in and fork over taxpayer dollars for a losing proposition. 

Somehow, like electric cars, vaccines came to be seen as the 'new oil'. They were obviously blinded by their own propaganda and lies by overestimating the demand. I thought Francois Legault was an 'homme d'affaire'?

$173 million. Poof.

And expect more waste for them to be on the look out for.

I still hold out hope for my prediction that the Moderna plant may also not be fruitful. I don't know what mushrooms these people smoke but these 'vaccines' are far from a success story.

Onto Digital ID.

I may be hitting this moving forward as this is the next phase of our fight.

We failed with the masks, lockdowns, passports and mRNA as citizens, so it's easy to be cynical and conclude people will once again allow themselves to be manipulated into bad decisions. 

Consenting to masks and downloading those idiotic vaccine passport apps was the wrong signal to send the government. These guys have been working on a way and excise to begin to roll out Digital ID.

They're going to sell it as a 'convenient' way to store date but again, I caution people to read the fine print.

This is much more than making lives easier for people.

Government is not interested in you no matter what they say about wanting to keep you safe.

I have less than zero respect or trust for the governments of Quebec and Canada at the moment so perhaps my judgment is clouded.

However, I'm not the one doing the warning. It's an army of experts in the field who have major concerns. Already, we saw during Covid the government couldn't care less about individual rights. Imagine the abuse that will come with Digital ID?

The Federal government wants access to our health data. What's despicable, like his myopic vaccine play, Legault inked a deal with Ottawa to sell our fucking data to them.

What did you expect from a whore like Legault? Quebec depends on equalization and Federal hand outs so for this have-not province, it's a no-brain brainless and shameless move. 

Two nitwits - Justin and Francois smiling for treating our private health data as a commodity.

Nor should we be surprised.

Legault is a McKinsey gimp. And where McKinsey sits, lie the globalists at the WEF and other organizations. 

These people don't have Quebec and Canadian interests at heart.

They serve other masters. Land of the brown envelopes goes where the money is.

That's why they thought nothing of partnering with Moderna - a creature of NIH and the military-industrial complex. 

Saskatchewan has already said they won't let themselves be bullied by Ottawa. I expect Alberta to do the same. These are provinces with dignity. Perhaps Manitoba will join. If we can get half the provinces off this nonsense, maybe we have a fighting chance.

The passport (which Health Canada is inexplicably looking to expand) was a pathway to Digital ID. Digital ID is a digital prison. 

Have you ever heard Justin or Legault talk about protecting our privacy rights?

Of course not. 

Justin is a stooge of the WEF. 

These two are shysters.

Quebec expects its Digital ID to be ready by 2025. Here's hoping that gets delayed (and it may have a good chance because Quebec is a highly inefficient and corrupt place). This gives us two years. The challenge is the CAQ is in power until 2026.

Will we regret giving them 90 seats?

No to digital ID until we get assurances our privacy rights are PROTECTED. 

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