"Just Transition": What Awaits You

I will say 'Just Transition' is a brilliant slogan. The behavioural scientists and cockwomble liberals sure know how to manipulate people with snappy slogans. 

In this case, there's a double power surge going on here. In this case, 'just' can mean 'just do it'' while acting as a reference to being 'just' and righteous act. The more creative among us could even add 'Just in transition' as in we're transitioning don't mind the loss of civil liberties! We're JUSTIN transition!

Here's what awaits you, normies.

Just like public health measures had little to do with public health, green transitioning (doesn't this sound a little too much like gender transitioning?) has sweet fuck all to do with the environment.

Six trains carrying chemicals ruined the environment, did you see all these conservation and environmental groups as well as the media cry? 

That's all you need to know.

This is all politics by other means.

You know the wait times in the public health system? The one where you sometimes have to wait months and months to see a specialist or 18 hours in an ER? 

Yeh well, that's what's gonna happen if you swallow this green nonsense. Only worse.

You're gonna have to wait for EVERYTHING. It will make your life miserable. 

Like the government controlling medicine - you see the results in the flesh, no? - it will be that way but in a 15-minute city setting-nightmare.

If you think the plan is to not make us greener by drastically cutting civil liberties, you're an idiot.

Seeing these past three years, it looks like at least 60% of Canadians are just that: Idiots.

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