Lockdowns Were Worse Than You Think

We all know lockdowns were a catastrophic self-induced act of self-mutilation on the human mind. body and soul.

We all know it had no scientific basis whatsoever to have ever been considered.

We also are slowly coming to the realization this may indeed have been a military operation. Why it was so and who are the culprits remains one for spirited discussion.

But one cannot deny the negative impact it has had on millions.

The more stubborn public health or 'academic experts will downplay this impact as some teachers are denying the impact lockdowns and masks had on kids.

Some go down with the ship.

But one interesting aspect that should be explored is what happened to people's perception of work and labour?

That is, humans take pride in their work and work. It gives them a sense of purpose. An identity. The idea of contributing to one's family and community through work is a common key feature of human nature.

The 'experts' and government officials obliterated this in 2020 and  2021. By dividing industries (and thus people) into essential and non-essential. In doing so, they signalled some people aren't worth much to society and ultimately themselves.

The local hairdresser somehow wasn't worth anything. But Costco was. 

The local hardware shop had to shut down but nor Home Depot.

The whole exercise was riddled with contradictions and incoherence.

The result is social chaos and civil disorder.

The action disoriented people.

It created a vast underclass as now we're observing the labour market is very loose. That is, it can't find workers. 

A tight labour market is what you want.

Last week, the U.S. had a record 517 000 jobs created and 3.4% unemployment. Yet, employers can't find workers. The contradiction is bizarre. Behind these strong numbers, it could be, lies a very weak economy. 

People have lost the drive to work with a sense of pride. If public health can shut them down over a virus they can't stop, why pour your heart and soul into working? Worse, what if potential entrepreneurs decide it's not worth investing capital which could take years to recuperate because of the instability and potential of being shut down risking their investment? 

The unseen poison of lockdowns will be with us for a very long time.

And if you supported them, oh be assured you will be affected somehow, someway too.

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