Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Reason 3848555

Yet another conspiracy 'theory' has been proven right.

And this is one of the original points they made in February 2020 when I started paying attention.

That this was a man-made virus that escaped from a lab.

Fauci and Daszak (in a junk article in The Lancet) fought ferociously to cover it up.

The question is, are they being investigated behind the scenes? I know there are lawyers like Tom Renz on it and others, but I mean one that makes them nervous.

I know the system is corrupt beyond reform, but these guys committed a true global crime that killed and injured millions between the virus and the 'solution' through the mRNA gene editing vaccine.

Stop betting against conspiracy theorists.

They're the Ted Williams of reality. 

It's uncomfortable to face and accept.

But confront it we must.

Very bad people did very bad things. 

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