TV Dinner Experts Not Following The Science

Infectious disease experts in Canada love their masks.

They often cite flawed, observational, lab-controlled models confirming their mask biases that undermine the body of evidence showing the ineffective nature of masking in both community and hospital settings.

One such expert is Don Vinh. Always looking to find a crappy study or example abroad to justify his untenable support of all sorts of restrictions and measures.

He's of course far from alone (hello Oughton, Labos, Boguch, Tam et al), plenty of academics and medical professionals love masks. But I checked his Twitter to see if he linked to a recent study concluding once again the uselessness of masks. 

As I suspected. Nothing. I expect it's the same with his colleagues and the gang at McGill and UofT.

He has now ignored THREE major RCT studies and meta-analysis reviews" Danmask (2021), Johns Hopkins (2022) and the latest from Cochrane (2023).

You would think, if he were truly following science and truth, he'd inform his viewers or readers of this.


Says a lot.

He's following myopic dogma.

And it's coming at a high price.

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