Canada Is An Immature Country

Roberston Davies once said Canada is a 'nation of losers'.

Boy did he nail it.

The smug, immature country club of Canada posing as a country needs to stop pearl-clutching.

The other day some shmuck MP in the NDP Matthew Greem wanted to pass a motion condemning Tucker Carlson for sarcastically making a point about Ukraine using Canada as a prop. 

And we reacted exactly as that. A damn idiotic prop.

So triggered they became, judges were lashing out with vulgar screeds. See Michel Doucet.

The point is Canadians need to get over themselves.

We take offence to the truth and the truth is the international community is seeing Justin for what he is. A tin top despot. The mocking is a result of his shameless hypocrisy and sleazy scandals.

People aren't stupid and they sure as hell don't care about the feelings of thin-skinned Canadians. 

These sorts of things should never get a whiff in Parliament. A strong and mature nation comfortable in its skin doesn't waste time doing insipid things such as going after tv personalities. 

Especially given, despite what they think, the difficult times millions of Canadians are dealing with.

It's tone deaf and arrogant.

The motion was defeated but not before Canada once again showing to the world we're a nation of Scott the Dicks.

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