The Difference Between Peter Hotez And Conspiracy Theorists

Hotez is a bona fide conspiratorial nut job who spread actual misinformation and lies. He has no basis whatsoever for the gibberish he rants on about.

He's the lunatic in the movies who managed to get the levers of power through his maniacal machinations within the structures of academic and government.

"look these people in africa and India and elsewhere, the only reason they're resisting is because we got these crazy anti-vaxxers in the Americas and Western Europe that are spreading 'disinformation' and it needs to be treated like the terrorism that it is..."

Now there's some tin foil hat stuff right there.

Peter is either an asshole or a liar. Or both.

Hotez is the embodiment of the nightmarish bio-security state. He is 1984 personified.

And people like Timothy Caufield and David Fisman are on board with this. They're part of 'misinformation' groups that have Hotez reviewing their propaganda.

The difference between Peter and actual conspiracy theorists (which don't exist. It's an invented CIA term that was created after the assassination of JFK because people saw it was a government hit job) is the latter actually come to the table with facts. Conspiratorial people call out the reality that humans conspire. They are mostly, really, truth-tellers in defence of human nature and law. Conspiracy 'theorists' do not wish to usurp governments or ill upon their fellow man. They do not look to eradicate human freedom or deny science.

What they do is attack those who do want to do this.

Little of what they say is a threat to us. What they do threaten are the criminals who have infiltrated the highest levels of power.

Hotez wants vaccines to be a means to a medical end. He makes a lot of money from this. He will stop at nothing to get everyone shot up for anything and everything. Including imprisoning them.

For their own good. For public health.

I won't go further here. Suffice it to say Hotez has now become the world's most dangerous man next to Bill Gates.

Peter Hotez is a comic book villain personified.

You're now living in a graphic novel.

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