Quebec Scientism

Here's some fantasy. Or malfeasance. 

Quebec is telling people if they had two shots and Covid they don't need a booster. 

Notice. They're misleading people into thinking that the primary series is still working! When in fact those suckers waned within weeks. Remind me when we first administered those? So what's the point of saying this? The body evidence is crystal clear those shots are done. What may not be done is the side effects which can manifest two to five years later. As it stands, now people are in all risk no benefit territory.

The 'tweaked' mRNAs are even less useful. Boosters were never effective. In fact, it's a pretty good suspect in the rise in all-cause mortality and excess deaths.

Mind you gardening, video games and memes. Those cause heart attacks.

Or taken another way, they're essentially telling people if you have Covid you don't need a booster or shots. Because the first two shots, remember, no good, no effective.

People are paid to say these things. People in white coats and in fancy academic offices.

Medicine and science. Quackery and corruption are in firm control.

What we call scientism.

Oh, it be real.

How to know? Next time you hear or read an MD link something so social justice.

That's one way.

Be attentive.

Lock in.

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