Digital ID In Newfoundland; USAF Pops A Balloon

Minister of Digital Government and Service NL Sarah Stoodley is proudly rolling out a Digital ID pilot project in Newfoundland.

In explaining the rollout, she stated that the vaccine passports were a "success". By what criteria and metrics did she arrive at this conclusion? For example, was it empirically proven to reduce transmission? Of course, we know that's not the case. 

Again. Sigh. From the top and altogether now, the mRNA shots do not stop transmission nor were they ever tested to do so. The mRNA shots have also proven to be weak sauce against severe disease and preventing disease. Like all other flu vaccines, this one is proving no match for a highly mutating disease. Got it? Good. Everybody must get stoned. 

This brings us to the next possible metric she may have referred to.
That being of technology. But here too we run into a problem. Is the mere rollout of dividing Canadians into a 'two-tier' society along medical status thus erasing their civil liberties considered a 'success'? Then mission accomplished. Success!

The vaccine passport is an odd, if not counterproductive, way to promote whatever positives Digital ID (ie security and convenience) may present. It unethically and unscientifically divided Canadians.  In fact, it's the absolute worse way to sell it but our leaders are pulling more and more away from serving their constituents and more and more into doing what they feel we should be accepting. 

Question them and risk being called nasty names. You may even be a threat to national security.

In a perpetual state of exception, we're all potential enemies of the state. 
If the vaccine passport is a pathway to Digital ID (which I might add, many people said would be the case back in 2020 only to be told it was 'misinformation' or a 'conspiracy theory'), then what possible assurances do we have this won't lead to a social credit system? Its potential for 'digital segregation' is present is it not? We've already got a taste of it when the Government of Canada - an ostensibly free and democratic country - froze the bank accounts of not only protestors but people who dared donate to the cause.
As such, has the trust between 'state and citizen'  been severed?
The great criminologist, jurist and philosopher Cesare Beccaria were among the first to suggest that the mere perception of justice - or lack thereof - among citizens is enough to undermine trust. 


USAF shot down a balloon in the Yukon as part of a NORAD mission.

I immediately wondered why the CAF couldn't do it. The government's response was somewhat plausible stating that the closest air force base was in Alaska while the Canadian fighter jets were in Alberta. So it was logical the Americans would go in and shoot it down. 

Was time of the essence? We don't know. But I have zero issues with it because it's NORAD. Plus the reality is that the U.S. protects Canada anyway.

But it once again highlights - as I've been saying since 2005 - that Canada is incapable of defending itself. A G7 country that goes around acting tough about Ukraine can't even shoot down a balloon on its own soil. 

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