No More Safeguards

Have you noticed?

I have.

In a society that has permitted the misapplication of the precautionary principle as well as accepted the doctrine of 'preventative medicine', does it not strike us as odd if not hypocritical we're removing safeguards that help to prevent death and injury?

When it was announced that the need for trials would be waived for subsequent boosters, the authorities charged with protecting public health removed a key safeguard in place in order to minimize potential side-effects triggered by the new experimental mRNA injection.

Of course, this decision hinges on the presumption that 'safe and effective' is rooted in irrefutable science. Same with 'the benefits outweigh the risks". 

However, what we're discovering is that's not true.

Never was.

And how do they measure any of this anyway?

What if the benefit is a 2:1 ratio? So for every two you 'save' one is injured? Extrapolate that figure over millions. We saved 20 million! But we injured, maimed or killed 10 million! The next logical question would be what would Covid had done without 'vaccine' intervention? Would it have been more or less than 10 million? I use arbitrary numbers. And it's been argued the ratio is far worse than that. More like 1:17. In other words, for every life saved, it cost 17. I forget the exact figures but I've seen several articles from prominent experts discussing the fact they do more harm than good.

I'm convinced they're right.

Much of it seems arbitrary and the clinical trial data have been subjected to years of manipulated data and fraud to the point we probably have no idea what the true picture is about all vaccines.

The real raw data are hidden and suppressed from public view.

Know where else we can see the removal of safeguards?

With the Liberal party of Canada.

The manner in which the Emergencies Act was invoked was troubling and without any justification. It appears the government accorded itself the right pick and choose how to interpret both the CSIS and Emergencies Acts to suit their narrative. Worse, Justin refuses to waive Cabinet privilege and allow for the redacted portions to be seen by the public.

The Liberals are perhaps the least transparent government in Canadian history.

Here, they removed any safeguards that would protect civil liberties and permit the state to invoke draconian measures against citizens.

As if this development isn't bad enough, Justin is now gaslighting telling the world he stands by the protestors in China because of the draconian measures they face.

This from a failed leader who said the protestors were 'breaking the law' in Canada (meaning their made-up interpretation of existing laws) and that Canadians could protest so long as they don't expect him to listen to them.

He's about as defiantly despotic as any leader in the West. 

In fact, Justin Trudeau is indeed the most despotic leader in the West.

No more need for 'vaccine' safeguards. Or to protect our democracy from abusive political power. 

They argue these things take time and when faced with an 'emergency' time costs lives.

The whole purpose of the safeguards is to weigh the costs of potential abuse against damage done to civil liberties and health. 

What can possibly go wrong? 

Why have laws or clinical trials, right?

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