Yes, The Government's Gamble Paid Off; For The Wrong Reasons

Unfortunately, the lawyers representing the convoy dropped the ball thus making CTV News' job of shielding the PM so much easier.

They didn't have the gumption to prey on the fact the government set up a completely false narrative about the convoy. They focused too much on redactions and didn't zero in on the government's tactic.

Canada is made up of imaginative and timid people. Notice the discomfort Brendan Miller presented to the Commission. We're incapable of an actual and genuine inquiry. It's all 'thank yous' and excessive polite vapidity. 

They showed too much respect to incompetent arrogant sociopaths that infest the Cabinet and brought to its grotesque manifesting heights in Trudeau's smug smirk and comfort posture.

He never was in any danger. They didn't even get him on the ropes.

Justin does one thing right. Playing the game of shameless politics. He has no self-honour or dignity or inner core principles and values. So it's easy to go up there and believe in the lies he spews without rhyme or reason.

It was the lawyer's job to expose that. Even with the interference of hack government lawyers and Rouleau. 

Canadians aren't polemicists. We have nothing. We don't have heroes to come and shake the entire tree and bring down the broken branches and dead leaves. That's what polemicists do. 

Canadians leer sarcasm and jeer satire. 

The wretched formulaic nonsense of it all.

You saw in the demeanour of Rouleau the tone of hyper-mundane Canadian mediocrity. 

I expect Rouleau to buy into the government's utter banal argument of 'if we did nothing, all hell was going to break loose' even though there was ZERO evidence of that presented. In fact, the evidence shows quite the evidence. The lies about American foreign money, cache of weapons and children as human shields (he probably means about the 'vaccines') barely got challenged even though those were all shown to be false or dealt with. But the government was so confident and filled with self-righteous hubris, it had no qualms about repeating the falsehoods. Right there, you got to see how the government uses disinformation and misinformation to work for them.

Listen. Justin Trudeau. Prime Minister of Canada, who spewed some of the most venomous and divisive hate speech I've ever heard from a leader of a so-called 'compassionate' and 'advanced' society testified he never did that claiming there was a distinction between anti-vaxxers who had legitimate concerns. He didn't even have the courage to own it. 

Utter lies. He generalized and grouped all Canadians who declined this 'vaccine' into one basket of hate. 

And he'll get away with it. Because the media are complicit in the lies. 

The government presented Canadians as if we have the cavalier spirit and fierce independent edge of lawless Americans. We don't. 

And it's stupid to believe it.

Rouleau will roll over and defer to the unfortunate development in our culture of 'better safe than sorry' as Justin presented. 

Once again, like the public got played with Covid and everything else tied to it, they just got played by sociopaths who couldn't care less about 'granny' and the families of hypothetical dead officers. They had an agenda and saw it through.

When and if (and it's an 'if' on my part) Commissioner Rouleau determines and confirms involving the Act despite the non-sensical convoluted justifications without evidence presented, it will signal it's ok for Canadians politicians in the future to make up stuff and rewrite laws and regulations on the fly to fit a perceived threat and narrative. You can use the full force of the law and 'tools' of government based on nothing but perceived threats and hypotheticals.

A perpetual state of fear and emergencies. Welcome to Eastasia.

It will be Canada's gift to the world.

On what not to do to run a healthy, strong and free society and country.

For me, listening and taking notes during this inquiry, at least confirmed what I've observed and suspected all along.

We're run by incompetent, arrogant cowards and sociopaths who personify the Peter Principle in real-time.


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