Masks: Ignore The Cackles Of Fear And Ignorance


My pleas will not be heard and ignored but DO NOT wear a mask.



Why in the world would you still believe in this anymore? Why would you trust a 'doctor' like Tam who now correlates and conflates health with climate change? This is what we call QUACKERY. 

Do you understand? No? You should. Get your ass on Substack. 

Again, this is a test. Tests that YOU have been failing since 2020. They're trying to normalize something that is completely unnecessary and harmful. 

Two things you need to put into your manipulated brains:

1) Whatever mask studies mask zealots peddle are usually MODELS. Their starting point is the assumption that masks work.

2) There are no scientific data backing masks up. None. Not enough for it to be used in community settings. The best analogy I can come up with for you to grasp is how a prosecutor builds a murder case and doesn't have the weapon or even a motive to charge a suspect. That's how scant the evidence is.

3) On the other hand, we have overwhelming evidence showing through RCTs that masks aren't effective and in fact can be harmful.

Last, the logic that masks only work to stop transmission (I can't believe I typed that in 2022) if everyone wears them means they don't work. If a mask worked, you wouldn't need the majority to wear them. Masks aren't two-way machines (to protect and stop transmission. 

The authorities figured out surgical and cloth masks are worthless which is why they shriek for Kn or N-95 masks. Two problems here. In a soaring inflationary environment where people are struggling to pay for gas and food - and now their mortgages as those come due and have to be remortgaged at a higher interest rate - there is little to no discretionary income for very expensive and impractical masks. 

Of course, the morons will simply say 'Ok, just wear the surgical! It's better than nothing!". Even though we KNOW they're not better than nothing. They come with hazards. Another pompous response I can picture them saying is 'if your budget is tight do you really need to use gas? Free up money for....MASKS!' Don't put it past them. We're dealing with really stupid people here.

Two, N-95 masks are designed for DUST particles for the construction industry. They're not designed for viruses. If they were, lab researchers who work with viruses would be wearing them. But they aren't. They're wearing Hazmat suits. You can't wear an N-95 all day long. I worked in construction. You have to change them every two hours. They're not safe as it reduces healthy and clean airflow. This is not an opinion. This is a fact widely known for DECADES. 

Get the drift? 

So whenever you see infectious disease doctors or paediatricians cackling for masks IGNORE them. They don't know what they're talking about. 

Coming on three years of this Medieval rubbish.

In fact, not even in the Middle Ages was this superstitious.

Between the low-grade and dangerous vaccines and their terrible efficacy and masks, this period will have a chapter decocted to it in future books explaining how fucking stupid we are.


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